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Our World Nonfiction Readers Level 2 JL9100



Jolly Phonics Readers Level 2 Our World (in print letters)

The Jolly Phonics Readers Level 2 Our World are fully decodable books for new readers. They are the third set of readers within the Our World series that was first launched in 2020 as part of the Jolly Phonics refresh.

They have been written with a carefully controlled vocabulary, and are specifically designed for students who are learning to read and write with Jolly Phonics.

  • The text in these Yellow Level Books (second level) uses only decodable regular words (words that are made up from the 42 letter sounds taught in the first stage of Jolly Phonics, along with the alternative sound of <y> at the end of words like happy and sunny) and a small number of ‘tricky’ words (frequently used words that are not fully decodable at this stage).
  • All of the tricky words and letter sounds used in this book are shown on the front inside cover. These can be used as a quick practice activity before starting the book.
  • Faint type is used for silent letters, like the <b> in lamb.
  • Comprehension questions and discussion topics are included at the end of the book. These ensure that students are not only able to read the text, but also get meaning from it.


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