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Enhance Teaching With Deb Bible Educational Consultant

Deb is dedicated to providing teachers with a multitude of strategies for bringing passion, creativity, and academic excellence to their teaching while enhancing the social and emotional learning happening in their classrooms. In addition, she records children’s songs as RainyDayDancer. Her songs can be found on this site, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iheart radio, and YouTube. Check out her YouTube channel, “RainyDayDancer Songs and Sounds.”

A few of her favorite reads:

  • Artfully Teaching the Science of Reading by Chase Young, David Paige, and Timothy Rasinski
  • Speech to Print by Louisa Cook Moats
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching by Zaretta L Hammond
  • Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
  • Visible Learning for Mathematics K-12 by John Allen Hattie, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Others
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