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(New 2021) Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book JL7274


Jolly Phonic’s Teacher’s Book (in print letters)

The Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book is an essential guide to using Student Books 1, 2 and 3 in the classroom. It is a comprehensive resource, offering a set of structured lesson plans that give step-by-step guidance on all aspects of the lesson, including the student book activities. It also provides an in-depth introduction to Jolly Phonics and a summary of key points to help teachers get started.

This refreshed version of the book is the same as the previous edition in terms of core content, but is enhanced with:

  • A fresh new look in terms of cover and page designs.
  • Easier navigation in a variety of ways, including color-coding and contents.
  • Clearer answer keys for each of the activities within the Student Books
  • Enhanced transparency in the structure for the corresponding content in The Phonics Handbook.
  • Alignment of content across the materials for consistency of teaching.

ISBN 9781844147274

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